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This journal is semi-friends only.

Leave a comment if you'd like to be added. Letting me know who you are and/or where you found me tends to help. ^^;

Updates are few and far between, and mostly contain cosplay, photography, BJDs and some minor life updates.



so what did you think of the Sheraton?

Any suggestions? I work for the hotel and keep my eye on blog reviews. My Google search gave me this but the rest was blocked: lachlana and I were down in Atlantic City for the extended weekend. Went down on Saturday, came back yesterday evening. Had a positively amazingly care free and relaxed mini-vacation. Hit up Garden State Plaza before heading down on Sat ... As was the giant fluffy king-sized bed that awaited us upon checkin at the Sheraton. Our room was facing the water and thus our view was incredible. We had Ceasar's and Trump right in front of us, with the Outlet Shops in the blocks ...

Re: so what did you think of the Sheraton?

Sorry you found the entry blocked. We had a fantastic time and are definitely making plans of coming back. :)


Ohai there my Kami! It's MarioMatt from icky Mangabullet!! *clings to leg* I've found thee!
man, i'm terrible at remembering to add people -____-

anywho, its striped-tabby from mb, since i hardly spend time over at da anymore.

anyway, mind if i add you?

and are you still doing the coloring for pink sniper?
Your username = &hearts

Pink Sniper... ah... ;_; I've been all over the place lately. I really should finish that up. Turns out, DA deleted the first page I had up (but left the cover and page 2 ._.;;). I guess someone reported it as copyright infringement. Fuckers.
course you would <3 then you'd love my email name then too~ *shot*

; ; really? well shit. that sucks. -__-
well, don't rush it then xD i'm just one person asking, thats all. plus, i know you're busy. all over the place seems... too chaotic xD

ah! thanks for adding me <3

:) I've added you.
Hey! I saw some of your cosplay work on DA and thought I'd add you. All of your work is FABULOUS!
Hi there. :) Thank you so much. &hearts

I've added you.
...... i loved your sard.... i have followed him home.......... so, he is due to marry a Heliot ??? .......

well.... since i will someday have three.... any heliot marrying card carrying soom lover who has a sard LIKE THAT .... well...

there you go. :). please be my friend.
:D Hello there! Thank you so much for your comments and interest. I've added you to the BJD photoshoot filter as well.

Sard (who still needs a name!) is not due to marry a Zillah (the Heliot) in question, but they are to be mates. ;) lachlana is currently working on all his aesthetics, so he will be debuted quite soon.
Heyas! This is LordOnisyr from DA. My LJ needs more friends so I decided you would be the perfect candidate to build my army...I mean keep up with on LJ and stuff.
Umm, I'm a huge fangirl of your DN fanfics, and adore your cosplay.. I watch you on dA already. Can I add you? &heart
Of course! :D
Hey there, just a fellow BJD lover and member of DOA, but i found your link from your bf's site =P
Hm, I don't have a boyfriend, and my girlfriend does not have a site. 0_o Who are you on DoA if I may ask?
ah, pardon... that was an assumption :facepalms: DaArtfulDodger on DOA...

Add me! :D

'ello poppet!

It's Victory-gin from DA. I saw the link to your livejournal from your DA joural... go figure. Anywho, I have an account here, but I'm still setting it up. ^^; Still, I'd love to see what goodies you have over here, so please add me. *big bishie-kitty eyes*

Re: Add me! :D

XD 'ello there~ Consider yourself added.

just wanted to drop by quickly and tell you how much I adore your fanfictions Redeemer and To B or not to B.
I've tried signing up on adultfanfiction.net just to review but it somehow didn't work. So here I am, trying it on LJ.
Maybe you could consider posting your fanfictions on www.fanfiction.net? We'd all get a fancy email when you update and you'd get - at least 1000 reviews I bet ;)

Anyway! It's incredible how much torture, pain and sex you can bring into a fanfic and still keep it interesting! Call me a sadist, but I just *love* the constant battle between L and Raito - emotionally and physically. How you bring them one spark of hope in one chapter and rip their whole hearts out in the next. Oh, and I love the irony in your work, too.

"Hey, I'll pretend to become B's ally, just so you know."
"Maybe we should get a save word."
I had a good laugh when they didn't chose a save word and Raito was indeed shot because of it ;)

Since I'm not so much into Linda - just simply disliking her naive lack of personality - it's always refreshing to see that Raito has top priority on L's list. And of course him abusing that power. Actually both of them abusing their power over each other. ^^

Oh. And your cliffhangers are so evil XD

Would like to be added:) I've just found out about the Redeemer series and read the first three books in about a week and a half. So, that's where I've discovered you.