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Hello there...

Wow I can't believe I remembered my login for this thing.

Brief update for anyone who's still lingering around these parts and might be interested. I've got a pretty sweet gig as photographer for an up and coming music website -

I've got a Tumblr right here:
A website over here:
And a Facebook Page over here:

Feel free to follow, or not. That's your call.

I honestly just came on here to dig for some photos from a few years ago and figured I might as well update with some links in case anyone's interested or even cares that I kind of disappeared off the face of LJ a while back. ^^;



This journal is semi-friends only.

Leave a comment if you'd like to be added. Letting me know who you are and/or where you found me tends to help. ^^;

Updates are few and far between, and mostly contain cosplay, photography, BJDs and some minor life updates.


Holy Update Batman!

I'm still alive. Keep forgetting this thing exists for weeks on end. Oops.

- Nothing major going on.

- Cons have come and went. Had an unbelievable weekend at AUSA down in Arlington with a room of bros I miss terribly.

- Am counting down for our return to the Caribbean in less than two months. Am further counting down to tomorrow night's Thirty Seconds to Mars concert. :D The big 300! Followed by Friday night's Church of Mars at St. Peters in Chelsea with the Vitamin String Quartet. Cost me an arm, leg and kidney but it's going to be so worth it. End of the tour - promised myself I'd be there.

- Been writing non stop and the (OC) muses are so alive it hurts. So many ideas, so many years (timeline wise) down the road and we can't seem to get there fast enough.

- Yea it's Christmas soon. Nothing huge planned. Just the usual exchange with friends, and family, etc. It'll be nice.

- Too many video games to play, too little time.

Latest bit of insanity:

The Future is Bulletproof by *anda-chan on deviantART

Poison and Ghoul by *Maru-Light on deviantART

Five hours worth of research & drawing for those tats over Thanksgiving weekend. ^^; More on DA as usual.
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Assassin's Creed

Give me back the sun!

Quick run by update to say that I'm back from Las Vegas, and it was fabulous as I remembered it. XD We skipped out on Death Valley in favor of Valley of Fire, since it was considerably closer. I'm missing the hot dry weather hardcore right about now. Been back since mid last week and every day I've felt gross in this humidity. Ugh. I'm seriously not meant for NJ weather. Where's my money tree? Take me to CA.


Of course we took photos...

Party Poison V

Party Poison III

Party Poison II

lachlana as Party Poison (Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance). And coming up, yea, same person... XD

Red IV


More here:
And here:

I'm in serious need of sleep. And totally ready for another vacation.

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Mello 03

Love this boy. &hearts lachlana freshened up his face up, free-handed that tattoo, blushed his brand spanking new 64cm Popodoll body. He finally feels complete to me. :D

Not much else of interest... earthquake yesterday, hurricane this weekend, going back to Vegas next week, kitties are running a muck. Life goes on. XD
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I Come Bearing Photos...

... of this past weekend's two model shoots. :D Which were, I might add, absolutely fabulous.

The first one led me to discover this wonderful little beach in Long Island, clean, calm and home to several abandoned beach cottages, which we made full use of. She was totally prepared - two bathing suits, two dresses, props, accessories, etc. I told her I wasn't afraid of getting wet and she took me seriously. I ended up following her into the ocean with my clothes on, camera in hand and lachlana the same, with the reflector. Loved it! We got some vintage pinup shots, some modelly shots and then some more artistic shots at the cottage. Brilliant. And she's just starting out, which is most impressive.

Parisa 02

Parisa 03

Parisa 05

Parisa 04

Second shoot was with a model I've previously worked with before. She wanted to do something unlike her usual fare, and to include some SFX blood. XD Fine by me! I'm still editing her shots, but here's two previews:

Melissa 02

Melissa 01

lachlana and I will be going away this weekend for her birthday. :D Hoping to snap a couple more pix. We've got a couple of concept ideas brewing, one of which was supposed to have taken place last weekend had we not run out of time and steam.

Needless to say, damn busy, but enjoying the hell out of it.

[More photos as always on my Flickr]

Busy Summer is Busy

And I'm loving it. This past weekend was amazingly productive, so much that it finally caught up with me today and I've been on my ass for most of the afternoon. XD

Sat morning was an early one for a 9am shoot in Hoboken with two lovely inked up models.

Inked II by =anda-chan on deviantART

Inked I by =anda-chan on deviantART

They were both great fun to work with.

That same night, lachlana and I reared up for two back to back cosplay shoots - these shots are for now only over on her DevArt...

Flair for the Dramatic by *Maru-Light on deviantART

The following afternoon it was back into Manhattan to meet up with two of our friends, who had just recently gotten engaged. I had the opportunity of shooting their engagement photos at Battery Park in lower Manhattan. :D I cant really redistribute the photos, but you can find them over on my Flickr and Photo Website. ;)

Highly busy and productive weekend. We'll be back in Manhattan next weekend for the monthly BJD meetup, and currently we're playing with the idea of a night shoot out in NYC, or maybe a day trip to a state park in the area for some woodsy and lake settings. Exciting.
Starbucks: Drug of Choice

Run by Update

• Photo class has been completed. I've got my diploma and everything.
• This also resulted in me finally getting off my arse and coding up a website for my work: feedback is always welcome :)
• Work's the same, but at least there's been more hours
• Booking more shoots whenever I can... aiming to get in touch with a photo agent or offer services to a model agency in NYC
• NYC... would be lovely to make enough money to move there
• Nothing new on the cosplay front... lack of funds, lack of inspiration for anything that doesn't require abysmal funds
• Counting down the days 'till the Vegas getaway...
Dollies: Zevran

There has been a disturbance in the resin force

My resin crew had an identity crisis this weekend after the monthly NYC meet. XD;

On the one side, we've got Shannon, an Infiniti Doll Chris (temporarily on a Souldoll double body).

I had not planned to keep this head. He came with the Infiniti Doll body I'd bought for my Williams. Turns out, he's lovely and we had been calling him Giovanni for months. He was even painted up with that intention. But then my Williams - formally Wynter - decided he was having none of it.

And so the Williams is now Giovanni after taking off with Shannon's coat and previous wig.

They're bastards and I'm loving them both. Gio's body should be arriving soon - he's gonna be getting the deliciously beefy Granado. Just waiting for a shipping notice, that'll come hopefully this week or next. Fingers crossed. Then Shannon can go back to his original body and Maru's Timmeh can have his back. ^^;;

Of course, both faceups by lachlana

For those of you on DoA, there's a full thread here:

The boys love comments. &hearts

I've got a restless fuzzy creature on me who wants to go to bed. I think I shall take her advice.
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