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I now interrupt Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in order to bring you something a bit different - this is actually going to be aimed at my DevArt audience more so than anyone who still keeps up with my feeble attempts of keeping this thing alive every so often. >.>; But because there was an interest in how lachlana and I did things during our shoots, we decided to grab a few shots while the insane crack that was our latest endeavor took us into the night, amused my poor parents who's house we invaded, and more Red Bull than either of us has had in a while. XD

After dragging ourselves out of the house and a couple of pit stops along the way, we made it to my parent's at around 2pm, where I ransacked mom's tea and Maru painted her Killjoy mask. Needless to say - we procrastinate. And we get distracted entirely too easily. Still had to set up a few things for the shoot, so I've no idea what time it was by the time we actually started putting makeup on, but the next thing I know dad's getting home from work, it's sometime after 5pm and he's wondering when we're ever going to get downstairs to take pics. Oh silly dad, this is why it takes us hours upon hours to do anything. LOL After nearly giving my mom a heart attack when I finally made it downstairs in makeup, and amusing dad to all hell, we finally eventually made it down into the chilly basement, flicked on the lights, turned up the music and pondered a moment how to go about this. XD

The shoot's been my baby, a formulating thought in my head for the past several months, and now that it was here it took us a short while to really get into it, but the time came. By 8pm we decided we were hungry, had food, had coffee, recharged with some more Red Bull and seeing as we only seem to be competent in the middle of the night, it took off. Maru was jumping off the walls like a rabid little thing, making faces I didn't even know possible and eventually Mr. Panda totally took over and rocked the fucking cat box for he is ultimately epic and rules all.


Sometime around midnight, cracked out of our minds and cold to boot but positively ignoring that fact (may be the cause I've been coughing for the past two days), we decided it'd be a genial idea to drag StarTwilight out of bed and onto iChat for a vid conference. >.>; I can't quite recall what happened, but Maru continued to bounce like an ADD child on entirely too much sugar. Come to think of it, that was kind of how she ended up last year on Sunday of AUSA. >.>;;; Short vid chat later, we finished up shooting and didn't start breaking everything down until after 1am. And that was when the adrenaline started to seep away, the cold became more apparent and all I wanted was some hot cocoa and my bed. It's probably a record for us - our shoots take a while, but never quite that long. But then again, we never did have so much of a setup to put up and things to figure out. Mid shoot, I ended up running upstairs to unscrew a mirror off the wall so that we could see wtf we were doing in front of the camera. XD;

It was bleeding exhausting just like every other, but damned fun and probably not the last. :D

Some photos below the cut:

High tech. Totally. lol Actually the lights are brand new, and a nice addition since we'd been making use of desk lamps and more recently Maru's dad's old photography lamp from decades ago.

Old keyboard is old. I brought this poor thing from Portugal when I moved here in '95. :| Maru's freshly painted Killjoy mask and the wig we picked up at AUSA for the occasion. ;)

Chug chug. XD Yes, there are a couple of motorcycles behind me. We had close quarters to work with. xD

The mirror that saved our arses.

Mandatory fake hard at work shot. XD

From DevARt:

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