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Moving, Caribbean Vacation, Etc...

So I've moved again. Things had gotten kind of out of control at where I was, due to neighbor situations that I'd rather no get into and I packed up and left. Well, there's still some shit over there that I need to pick up, but that's the gist of it. Bunking down on a temporary basis 'till lachlana get our shit together and find a nicer place big enough for the two of us and two (possibly three) felines. XD

But other than that, last week we got to spend a lovely, lovely time on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. It. Was. Heaven. And entirely too short. Already trying to make plans to go back. LOL Seriously, it was amazing, I can't even put it into words. Of course, escaping freezing temperatures to walk around steady 80° weather in tank tops all week was refreshing. I'm pretty sure I've never drank as much rum in a week before and uh... yea.

Glorious. Positively glorious and not pleased to be back. :|

Here are some photos:

Philipsburg Sunshine

Fort St Louis 01



Some more over here at my Flickr.
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