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Dolly News

Today lachlana and I attended our first NYC doll meetup in, what, practically three years. Yikes. It's been a long time coming, but to be expected as we've been kind of getting back into the hobby again. With everything else that's been keeping us busy, it seems crazy. XD But we still enjoy it.

Of course, it also occurs to me that I've hardly posted any piccies and updates from the resin crew here. Not that I've been posting much lately to begin with... everytime I say I'll change that, it never quite happens. ^^;;

The basic rundown is that I have a Volks Williams on layaway after 3+ years of making grabby hands at him. :| It's gonna be a gradual process of putting him together, and I can't wait to see what Lachlana does with him. He's already got a wig waiting, but Dietrich stole it. :|


So I ordered a new one he hasn't been allowed anywhere near.

Let's see, this beasty also got his long overdue photoshoot the other night also:


And this one here? Yea, the bastard knocked heads with one of my other boys (in the icon) on the way to the meet and chipped/scratched his faceup. Consider me displeased. So Lachlana will be repainting him, which is amusing considering she's been on a doll repainting spree, although he wasn't at all in the plans. Figures. The bastard.


I've got to snap some shots of my first boy, a DOT Ducan, who's finally going up on sale a second time after the first attempt didn't quite go through. I'm not feeling entirely heartbroken about it. Funny how that works. My taste in resin has changed drastically since I got into the hobby.

But before I do that... coffee is required. I feel like it's the wee hours of the morning. It's kind of ridiculous how beat up I feel after a meet. x_X
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