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Life Updates...

Has Karma finally decided to smile my way? Yea... I think so. The last couple of days have been relief after relief, after good news that I could cry about.

• Old apartment finally re-rented. I'm free of the penalty lease they had m on since I got out of there early. No more wasting away funds on something I'm not even using. That was a BIG source of relief - of the financial variety! I can now focus on clearing away the debt and move on to bigger and better things. Getting money back from them on top of it was the icing on the cake. XD

• Like my photography - I've had my first shoot through Model Mayhem and it went wonderfully! Needless to say I'm pretty sure I had an anxiety attack every half hour leading up to it, but once it got going, it went flawlessly. Not only that, but she was impressed with my work and wants to get together for a few other ideas once the weather's warmer. Not only that, but I've received a nice amount of great feedback on the site, have been contacted with shoot ideas and have a new one lined up with a local male model next weekend. Cannot wait. :D

• To go along with that, I was just invited to be the event photographer at my high school reunion that's being planned for this year. of course, this makes me realize that 10 years have already gone by. LOL I wasn't really planning to go, but the opportunity is a good one - great experience first and foremost. So I think I may just do it. Can't be picky just yet about what is thrown my way, of course.

• I really want to go back to St. Maarten. And probably will do so again next February.

• Fuzzy felines are still wonderful sources of entertainment and comfort.

• Scored myself a sweet deal on a camera upgrade! Been a long time coming - my dad bought the D60 & lenses off me and I upgraded to the Nikon D90. :D I &hearts it.

• I'm seeing three bands - one of them twice - in the span of two months. Epic. Just caught Apocalyptica on St. Patty's Day at Starland. They rock my socks off. Third time seeing them and I can't get enough. So much that they just announced their return to the US in May and I'm gonna be getting in line to by tickets for their Irving Plaza show on May 21st. XD Till then, I've got 30 Seconds to Mars coming up (yes, again) on April 30th in Camden - same fucking day as Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn. Not cool, but we'll figure it out. And then My Chem the following weekend on May 7th once again at Starland.

I still curse Kamelot and wonder wtf got into Khan. Burning out is a poor excuse when Apocalyptica is going into their second year of touring and 30STM has yet to STOP touring in the past two years, worldwide. I don't get it, I just hope he doesn't leave the band. Won't be the same without. As it is, I refused to see them this year without him there.

Life is... pretty decent at the moment Thank you fucking christ. :D

Some recent photo projects:

The Beautiful Grotesque: Marilyn Manson inspired horror shoot:

The Thing Emerges

Minute of Decay

Chinatown Modeling Shoot: booked through Model Mayhem, 3/21:

Columbus Park 02 Columbus Park 01

More of both, and others, on My Flickr and DeviantArt. ^^
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