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Kitties everywhere!

That's certainly what it feels like. One week ago a new kitten came into the family. Found outside in the cold, screaming his little lungs off. Poor thing was half frozen and hungry to boot. I'm estimating he was about 2.5 weeks old at that point. Been nursing him and spoiling him rotten and he's doing well. :D Little thing owns me. Of course, my other two are wondering what the hell is up. XD I haven't introduced them yet because he needs to get tested for anything that could be potentially dangerous. But I adore the little beasty. His name's Mars. ;)

A New Family Member by =anda-chan on deviantART

PS: Williams has landed. \o/ Infiniti doll body on the way (potentially temporary, depending on whether or not I get my hands on an SD17 someday). I'm stupid happy to finally pull this boy together.. have only wanted him for three years. :D
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