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The last few weeks have been busy at best. But really it was this past weekend that left my head spinning, and in a good way.

Saturday - headed over to Brooklyn for Sakura Matsuri. Did not dress up. Not only was I not feeling it, but we also had a concert later that night. The gardens were nice, the weather was lovely and it was nice to enjoy it without stopping for photos, which was a plus. Even found a free spot out on the road. Nevermind the car that blew out its radiator right behind me as we pulled in. I had nightmares of fire hydrants flying into the air and collapsing on us. XD;;; We took off around 4ish and embarked on the two hour ride down to Camden for the 30 Seconds to Mars show. Finding the venue was a pain in the ass, but when we pulled into the lot, we were pleasantly surprised by the music pouring out of cars tailgating style. XD I admit, I must go to alot of NYC concerts cause this was a surprise to me. XDDD

The show was UNBELIVABLE. Trumped the House of Blues show we'd seen last year by a long shot. The theme was warpaint/neon, so while we didn't have neon, I did have some blue paint going on. The venue is great. Three rows in from a rather small pit, which put us rather close to the stage. &hearts The energy and hype at their shows stun me to this day. Have no idea how they've been going non stop for well over a year. Walked out of there with an adrenaline rush like no other and braved the ride home. Which were the lack of adrenaline left me wanting to cry of exhaustion at the wheel. ^^; But we made it.

Sunday - Got back up and dragged our asses back to Brooklyn. Only because I had scheduled a shoot with a Canadian alternative model that was down in NYC for the weekend. Oh she was a thrill to photograph!! Very natural and rather than take this modeling thing seriously, she does it for fun. A plus. So were all the tattoos that covered her head to toe. Seriously. Love. Some shots:

Ash05 Ash06

Ash02 Ash03

As always, more work over at my Flickr.

Thankfully both lachlana and I were off on Monday, and we got pampered at Massage Envy. ^^; This coming weekend is going to be only slightly crazy with a My Chemical Romance show on Saturday. But at least that's down at the Starland. Not nearly as crazy a drive... and then there's Apocalyptica again on the 21st in NYC. ^^;; Some people do drugs, I get my high from live music. XD It's cheaper.
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