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There has been a disturbance in the resin force

My resin crew had an identity crisis this weekend after the monthly NYC meet. XD;

On the one side, we've got Shannon, an Infiniti Doll Chris (temporarily on a Souldoll double body).

I had not planned to keep this head. He came with the Infiniti Doll body I'd bought for my Williams. Turns out, he's lovely and we had been calling him Giovanni for months. He was even painted up with that intention. But then my Williams - formally Wynter - decided he was having none of it.

And so the Williams is now Giovanni after taking off with Shannon's coat and previous wig.

They're bastards and I'm loving them both. Gio's body should be arriving soon - he's gonna be getting the deliciously beefy Granado. Just waiting for a shipping notice, that'll come hopefully this week or next. Fingers crossed. Then Shannon can go back to his original body and Maru's Timmeh can have his back. ^^;;

Of course, both faceups by lachlana

For those of you on DoA, there's a full thread here:

The boys love comments. &hearts

I've got a restless fuzzy creature on me who wants to go to bed. I think I shall take her advice.
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