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I Come Bearing Photos...

... of this past weekend's two model shoots. :D Which were, I might add, absolutely fabulous.

The first one led me to discover this wonderful little beach in Long Island, clean, calm and home to several abandoned beach cottages, which we made full use of. She was totally prepared - two bathing suits, two dresses, props, accessories, etc. I told her I wasn't afraid of getting wet and she took me seriously. I ended up following her into the ocean with my clothes on, camera in hand and lachlana the same, with the reflector. Loved it! We got some vintage pinup shots, some modelly shots and then some more artistic shots at the cottage. Brilliant. And she's just starting out, which is most impressive.

Parisa 02

Parisa 03

Parisa 05

Parisa 04

Second shoot was with a model I've previously worked with before. She wanted to do something unlike her usual fare, and to include some SFX blood. XD Fine by me! I'm still editing her shots, but here's two previews:

Melissa 02

Melissa 01

lachlana and I will be going away this weekend for her birthday. :D Hoping to snap a couple more pix. We've got a couple of concept ideas brewing, one of which was supposed to have taken place last weekend had we not run out of time and steam.

Needless to say, damn busy, but enjoying the hell out of it.

[More photos as always on my Flickr]
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