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Holy Update Batman!

I'm still alive. Keep forgetting this thing exists for weeks on end. Oops.

- Nothing major going on.

- Cons have come and went. Had an unbelievable weekend at AUSA down in Arlington with a room of bros I miss terribly.

- Am counting down for our return to the Caribbean in less than two months. Am further counting down to tomorrow night's Thirty Seconds to Mars concert. :D The big 300! Followed by Friday night's Church of Mars at St. Peters in Chelsea with the Vitamin String Quartet. Cost me an arm, leg and kidney but it's going to be so worth it. End of the tour - promised myself I'd be there.

- Been writing non stop and the (OC) muses are so alive it hurts. So many ideas, so many years (timeline wise) down the road and we can't seem to get there fast enough.

- Yea it's Christmas soon. Nothing huge planned. Just the usual exchange with friends, and family, etc. It'll be nice.

- Too many video games to play, too little time.

Latest bit of insanity:

The Future is Bulletproof by *anda-chan on deviantART

Poison and Ghoul by *Maru-Light on deviantART

Five hours worth of research & drawing for those tats over Thanksgiving weekend. ^^; More on DA as usual.

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