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The shoot I had booked for yesterday was rained out. :| Rescheduling. meanwhile, I'm trying to recruit hot tattooed/alternative models in the area. XD; On Module 11 of the course, and putting together a 6 picture portfolio. Then one more module, and I graduate. Wow.

But despite the rain, I still managed to be productive. Cause I'm lucky enough to have a hot and willing guinea pig (aka lachlana ). X3

Centurion I

Styling inspired by the epic movie, Centurion. By the same director of The Descent and Dog Soldiers. Really kind of fabulous.

A couple more over on my Flickr and DeviantArt as usual ;)
Assassin's Creed


The last few weeks have been busy at best. But really it was this past weekend that left my head spinning, and in a good way.

Saturday - headed over to Brooklyn for Sakura Matsuri. Did not dress up. Not only was I not feeling it, but we also had a concert later that night. The gardens were nice, the weather was lovely and it was nice to enjoy it without stopping for photos, which was a plus. Even found a free spot out on the road. Nevermind the car that blew out its radiator right behind me as we pulled in. I had nightmares of fire hydrants flying into the air and collapsing on us. XD;;; We took off around 4ish and embarked on the two hour ride down to Camden for the 30 Seconds to Mars show. Finding the venue was a pain in the ass, but when we pulled into the lot, we were pleasantly surprised by the music pouring out of cars tailgating style. XD I admit, I must go to alot of NYC concerts cause this was a surprise to me. XDDD

The show was UNBELIVABLE. Trumped the House of Blues show we'd seen last year by a long shot. The theme was warpaint/neon, so while we didn't have neon, I did have some blue paint going on. The venue is great. Three rows in from a rather small pit, which put us rather close to the stage. &hearts The energy and hype at their shows stun me to this day. Have no idea how they've been going non stop for well over a year. Walked out of there with an adrenaline rush like no other and braved the ride home. Which were the lack of adrenaline left me wanting to cry of exhaustion at the wheel. ^^; But we made it.

Sunday - Got back up and dragged our asses back to Brooklyn. Only because I had scheduled a shoot with a Canadian alternative model that was down in NYC for the weekend. Oh she was a thrill to photograph!! Very natural and rather than take this modeling thing seriously, she does it for fun. A plus. So were all the tattoos that covered her head to toe. Seriously. Love. Some shots:

Ash05 Ash06

Ash02 Ash03

As always, more work over at my Flickr.

Thankfully both lachlana and I were off on Monday, and we got pampered at Massage Envy. ^^; This coming weekend is going to be only slightly crazy with a My Chemical Romance show on Saturday. But at least that's down at the Starland. Not nearly as crazy a drive... and then there's Apocalyptica again on the 21st in NYC. ^^;; Some people do drugs, I get my high from live music. XD It's cheaper.

More photography stuff

No better feeling than going through hundreds of photos and not knowing which to edit because the great part of them are just so goddamned good. XD This shoot came out just as I had envisioned it, and I couldn't be more tickled about it. :D

As a result you get a couple more shots...

Liberty State Park III

Liberty State Park IV

Liberty State Park V

I just sent over proofs to the model and am waiting eagerly to hear back from him. :D I'm seriously so damn thrilled.

Got another shoot lined up for next month out in Long Island. Hitting up the beach this time. But 'till then, I've got two concerts, a festival and an NYC meet to get to. @_@ When I got so damn busy, I'm not entirely sure. But I can't exactly complain.

Kitties everywhere!

That's certainly what it feels like. One week ago a new kitten came into the family. Found outside in the cold, screaming his little lungs off. Poor thing was half frozen and hungry to boot. I'm estimating he was about 2.5 weeks old at that point. Been nursing him and spoiling him rotten and he's doing well. :D Little thing owns me. Of course, my other two are wondering what the hell is up. XD I haven't introduced them yet because he needs to get tested for anything that could be potentially dangerous. But I adore the little beasty. His name's Mars. ;)

A New Family Member by =anda-chan on deviantART

PS: Williams has landed. \o/ Infiniti doll body on the way (potentially temporary, depending on whether or not I get my hands on an SD17 someday). I'm stupid happy to finally pull this boy together.. have only wanted him for three years. :D
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Life Updates...

Has Karma finally decided to smile my way? Yea... I think so. The last couple of days have been relief after relief, after good news that I could cry about.

• Old apartment finally re-rented. I'm free of the penalty lease they had m on since I got out of there early. No more wasting away funds on something I'm not even using. That was a BIG source of relief - of the financial variety! I can now focus on clearing away the debt and move on to bigger and better things. Getting money back from them on top of it was the icing on the cake. XD

• Like my photography - I've had my first shoot through Model Mayhem and it went wonderfully! Needless to say I'm pretty sure I had an anxiety attack every half hour leading up to it, but once it got going, it went flawlessly. Not only that, but she was impressed with my work and wants to get together for a few other ideas once the weather's warmer. Not only that, but I've received a nice amount of great feedback on the site, have been contacted with shoot ideas and have a new one lined up with a local male model next weekend. Cannot wait. :D

• To go along with that, I was just invited to be the event photographer at my high school reunion that's being planned for this year. of course, this makes me realize that 10 years have already gone by. LOL I wasn't really planning to go, but the opportunity is a good one - great experience first and foremost. So I think I may just do it. Can't be picky just yet about what is thrown my way, of course.

• I really want to go back to St. Maarten. And probably will do so again next February.

• Fuzzy felines are still wonderful sources of entertainment and comfort.

• Scored myself a sweet deal on a camera upgrade! Been a long time coming - my dad bought the D60 & lenses off me and I upgraded to the Nikon D90. :D I &hearts it.

• I'm seeing three bands - one of them twice - in the span of two months. Epic. Just caught Apocalyptica on St. Patty's Day at Starland. They rock my socks off. Third time seeing them and I can't get enough. So much that they just announced their return to the US in May and I'm gonna be getting in line to by tickets for their Irving Plaza show on May 21st. XD Till then, I've got 30 Seconds to Mars coming up (yes, again) on April 30th in Camden - same fucking day as Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn. Not cool, but we'll figure it out. And then My Chem the following weekend on May 7th once again at Starland.

I still curse Kamelot and wonder wtf got into Khan. Burning out is a poor excuse when Apocalyptica is going into their second year of touring and 30STM has yet to STOP touring in the past two years, worldwide. I don't get it, I just hope he doesn't leave the band. Won't be the same without. As it is, I refused to see them this year without him there.

Life is... pretty decent at the moment Thank you fucking christ. :D

Some recent photo projects:

The Beautiful Grotesque: Marilyn Manson inspired horror shoot:

The Thing Emerges

Minute of Decay

Chinatown Modeling Shoot: booked through Model Mayhem, 3/21:

Columbus Park 02 Columbus Park 01

More of both, and others, on My Flickr and DeviantArt. ^^
Dollies: Zevran

Dolly News

Today lachlana and I attended our first NYC doll meetup in, what, practically three years. Yikes. It's been a long time coming, but to be expected as we've been kind of getting back into the hobby again. With everything else that's been keeping us busy, it seems crazy. XD But we still enjoy it.

Of course, it also occurs to me that I've hardly posted any piccies and updates from the resin crew here. Not that I've been posting much lately to begin with... everytime I say I'll change that, it never quite happens. ^^;;

The basic rundown is that I have a Volks Williams on layaway after 3+ years of making grabby hands at him. :| It's gonna be a gradual process of putting him together, and I can't wait to see what Lachlana does with him. He's already got a wig waiting, but Dietrich stole it. :|


So I ordered a new one he hasn't been allowed anywhere near.

Let's see, this beasty also got his long overdue photoshoot the other night also:


And this one here? Yea, the bastard knocked heads with one of my other boys (in the icon) on the way to the meet and chipped/scratched his faceup. Consider me displeased. So Lachlana will be repainting him, which is amusing considering she's been on a doll repainting spree, although he wasn't at all in the plans. Figures. The bastard.


I've got to snap some shots of my first boy, a DOT Ducan, who's finally going up on sale a second time after the first attempt didn't quite go through. I'm not feeling entirely heartbroken about it. Funny how that works. My taste in resin has changed drastically since I got into the hobby.

But before I do that... coffee is required. I feel like it's the wee hours of the morning. It's kind of ridiculous how beat up I feel after a meet. x_X
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Starbucks: Drug of Choice

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Been busy snapping photos an' shit. XD Have joined Model Mayhem, am still going forward with the class, now more than halfway through and it's proved incredibly helpful. *_*

Here are some shots from this past weekend... putting lachlana and her brother to work. XD

Beneath the Piers Cold

On the Docks


Moving, Caribbean Vacation, Etc...

So I've moved again. Things had gotten kind of out of control at where I was, due to neighbor situations that I'd rather no get into and I packed up and left. Well, there's still some shit over there that I need to pick up, but that's the gist of it. Bunking down on a temporary basis 'till lachlana get our shit together and find a nicer place big enough for the two of us and two (possibly three) felines. XD

But other than that, last week we got to spend a lovely, lovely time on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. It. Was. Heaven. And entirely too short. Already trying to make plans to go back. LOL Seriously, it was amazing, I can't even put it into words. Of course, escaping freezing temperatures to walk around steady 80° weather in tank tops all week was refreshing. I'm pretty sure I've never drank as much rum in a week before and uh... yea.

Glorious. Positively glorious and not pleased to be back. :|

Here are some photos:

Philipsburg Sunshine

Fort St Louis 01



Some more over here at my Flickr.

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I now interrupt Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in order to bring you something a bit different - this is actually going to be aimed at my DevArt audience more so than anyone who still keeps up with my feeble attempts of keeping this thing alive every so often. >.>; But because there was an interest in how lachlana and I did things during our shoots, we decided to grab a few shots while the insane crack that was our latest endeavor took us into the night, amused my poor parents who's house we invaded, and more Red Bull than either of us has had in a while. XD

After dragging ourselves out of the house and a couple of pit stops along the way, we made it to my parent's at around 2pm, where I ransacked mom's tea and Maru painted her Killjoy mask. Needless to say - we procrastinate. And we get distracted entirely too easily. Still had to set up a few things for the shoot, so I've no idea what time it was by the time we actually started putting makeup on, but the next thing I know dad's getting home from work, it's sometime after 5pm and he's wondering when we're ever going to get downstairs to take pics. Oh silly dad, this is why it takes us hours upon hours to do anything. LOL After nearly giving my mom a heart attack when I finally made it downstairs in makeup, and amusing dad to all hell, we finally eventually made it down into the chilly basement, flicked on the lights, turned up the music and pondered a moment how to go about this. XD

The shoot's been my baby, a formulating thought in my head for the past several months, and now that it was here it took us a short while to really get into it, but the time came. By 8pm we decided we were hungry, had food, had coffee, recharged with some more Red Bull and seeing as we only seem to be competent in the middle of the night, it took off. Maru was jumping off the walls like a rabid little thing, making faces I didn't even know possible and eventually Mr. Panda totally took over and rocked the fucking cat box for he is ultimately epic and rules all.


Sometime around midnight, cracked out of our minds and cold to boot but positively ignoring that fact (may be the cause I've been coughing for the past two days), we decided it'd be a genial idea to drag StarTwilight out of bed and onto iChat for a vid conference. >.>; I can't quite recall what happened, but Maru continued to bounce like an ADD child on entirely too much sugar. Come to think of it, that was kind of how she ended up last year on Sunday of AUSA. >.>;;; Short vid chat later, we finished up shooting and didn't start breaking everything down until after 1am. And that was when the adrenaline started to seep away, the cold became more apparent and all I wanted was some hot cocoa and my bed. It's probably a record for us - our shoots take a while, but never quite that long. But then again, we never did have so much of a setup to put up and things to figure out. Mid shoot, I ended up running upstairs to unscrew a mirror off the wall so that we could see wtf we were doing in front of the camera. XD;

It was bleeding exhausting just like every other, but damned fun and probably not the last. :D

Some photos below the cut: Collapse )