New York Comic Con...

Was a freakin' madhouse! But enjoyable, and above all, rewarding. I set out on a project to join lachlana and the crew with their Star Wars group. Not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I figured it'd be a good idea to do Darth Maladi to go with Maru's Darth Talon. I slaved over the outfit and armor through September, and got it all done with time to spare. That's a first!

At 4:30am Saturday morning I was rethinking that decision. LOL The makeup took a stupid long time, but the irony of it is that we made pretty damn good time with three of our friends helping out painting both of us red. We made it to the con by 10am, and despite the slight panic attack that our makeup sealer wasn't working too well (had to drive up to Ricky's NYC and buy new sealer x_X), the whole thing was a success. Albeit an overwhelming success at times because the con center was truly packed (sold out) and we kept getting stopped for photos. ^^; Still, I'd totally do it again.

Introducing Talon n' Maladi by =anda-chan on deviantART

Couple of highlights included seeing a Sam cosplayer (Trick r' Treat), and a group of Mord-Siths, who we took pictures with, but figures I don't have any. XD; They were so badass. Holy FUCK those outfits were amazing. One of the girls and I kept going back and forth "You look amazing!" "Your outfit kicks ass!" XD;

Next up is AUSA... well, after we get through two Halloween parties, and the NYC Halloween parade. >.>;

Run by bullet update...

Once upon a time I used to update this thing several times a day. Now it's a miracle if I manage more than a couple of posts a month. Damn. I've become much more active on DevArt and Facebook, but I do scroll through my flist here to keep up with everyone every couple of days. Anyway, for any of you who still read this... ^^;

• The Apocalyptica concert last week was bloody brilliant! Omg, I love them. XD Woke up early that day to download the album off iTunes and return to bed, so that I could listen to it on loop all day prior to the concert. Getting there was an amusing ordeal involving getting on the train to NYC on my own (for the first time, now that I think about it), meeting up with lachlana an' our friend. Made it up to the Nokia Theater, endured an opening band and Dir en Grey (boy they've changed, does he even SING anymore, rather than growl incomprehensible into the mic?) until Apocalyptica finally went on at 10:30pm. Mind you, I had an 11:52pm train to catch in order to get back home. XD The train after that wasn't until 2am, and seeing as this was a Tuesday night and I had work at 7am the following morning... yea, there was some sprinting out of the theater and directly into a cab to make a beeline for the station. The show itself was amazing. Second time seeing them live and not in the least bit disappointed. &hearts

• Staying with the theme of concerts, two more coming up: 30 Seconds to Mars this coming Saturday in Atlantic City (House of Blues) and then Kamelot on Sept 15th at the Nokia Theater in NYC once again. Damn those middle of the week shows. XD But hell if I give two shits about how sleepy I'll be the following morning. It'll be worth it. My bro knows one of the opening acts, which was who got me backstage last time at BB King's. If he manages to score passes again, I'l try my best not to panic a bit. >.>; Can't really make any promises, but photo will be taken. Oh yes.

• Tentatively going to try and hit up the Renn Faire on the 11th. Can't even recall where half my outfit is. Wish I'd had the cash to put into an upgraded version but that had to wait in favor of current cosplay projects.

• Current cosplay project that includes a Star Wars character. Shit you not. XD; I'm not entirely sure how I got dragged into this one. Two cons coming up: Big Apple Comic Con (first weekend of Oct), to which I'll only go Sat and Sunday and more than likely take Arkham Asylum Harley. New York Comic Con will be the following weekend and SW will be debuted. Did I mention it's a girl? >.> And involves a shitton of makeup? Yea. Should probably get on making the clothes.. and armor. Yea...

• Small shoot planned for this weekend to play some more with the female-to-male makeup. :D Psyched. Even more psyched for the shoot we've got planned out that'll involve us taking over my parent's basement. XD Oh how I want some studio equipment. But we make do.

• AnimeUSA coming up in November for my birthday.. will probably take Harl and the SW girlie. And right after it, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood comes out. OMFG. Saw the single player demo earlier today. Epic. Just epic. Gimmeh. Now.

• 157 days 'till St. Maarten. :| Excited doesn't begin to describe it.

Nothing entirely too exciting to update with....

• New Star Wars cosplay project in the works for New York Comic Con and Big Apple Comic Con in October.
• AnimeUSA is booked, we'll be heading back down to Arlington in Nov (birthday weekend!) for it.
• Hm... counting down the days 'till St. Maarten in February.
• Work is chaos, low times, now we've got more work than we know what to do with. XD;
• Kitties are entertaining as always.
• Still writing like a mad fiend.

Did I mention that I love this boy? &hearts Got to play with the Nikon a bit more the other night, and a few little resin models.

Looking Right Through You by =anda-chan on deviantART

BJD News - The Not-So-New New Boy, Dietrich. XD

After over a year of sitting around, originally as a floating head and then with a body that until recently I didn't realize was all wrong, it's all come together at last. Dietrich is a WS Migidoll Vampire Miho on a Buddydoll body. &hearts As has become standard procedure, lachlana did his faceup & blushing. This past weekend, we took him and her also not so new, new boy Fawn (SOOM OE Heliot) for a quick shoot up at Lambert Castle. Of course, we procrastinated until the last minute and were racing against the sunset. ^^;;

There's a few more shots of Dietrich here on DOA:

And more of lachlana's Fawn here, also on DOA:

And now back to dreading wigs...

World Cup 2010...


I've been streaming all the games live at work on my computer and I admit that once the third goal was scored and I jumped out of my seat cheering loudly enough that everyone in the office heard me, I all but stopped working. XD Totally beside myself. The fact that I literally *ran* out to the breakroom to grab a yogurt and *run* back to find them cheering over the 6th goal had me in hysterics. Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Not to mention unheard of. XD!

I was updating Facebook all the while and could hardly keep up. lol Brilliant. It was positively brilliant. Here's hoping we do well against Brazil on Friday. A tie would suffice, but damned if I don't want them to win. :D

Visit to Silent Hill...

Yesterday, lachlana, la_reine_rien and I got up at a silly hour of the morning to make the three hour drive to Centralia, PA. After several months of trying to plan the trip, research the current condition, etc, we finally jumped the gun and went for it with two Nikons in hand and no exact expectations as to what we would find.

We were not disappointed. :D

As some of you may know, the Silent Hill franchise was inspired by Centralia (and we're convinced, Ashland which is right down the road). You can read more about it here: Centralia, PA.

The place is definitely surreal. Especially when we finally found the old closed off Route 61. The road is cracked, deformed and in places, still smoking from where the fire is burning underground. Kneeling down to take photos, I felt the unnatural heat beneath the surface, definitely smelled the sulfur in the air (and made a point not to breathe too deeply x.x). It was very very cool. We also found an abandoned watermill on the side of the current Route 61 between Centralia and Ashland. It was our first opportunity to get shots in an abandoned building and we were beyond thrilled. XD

We plan to return sometime in the fall when the leaves are turning and the temperature is just a bit cooler. The smoke will be more obvious with a greater temperature difference. But for now, we got well over 300 shots between both cameras and couldn't be happier. Many of mine were shot with the intention of experimenting with HDR. Started editing last night and thus far, am pleased with the results.

Old Route 61.

Abandoned watermill.

Odd Fellow's Graveyard, across the road from where the fire is currently most active.

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:D We'll be uploading more onto DeviantArt, so take a look at them there~ DA Centralia Collection
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Selling off a couple of the crew...

Or at least, they're up as feelers and presently tucked away in a box out of sight so that I don't look at them every day and regret putting them up in the first place. It seems blasphemous, but I've just put up my first two boys on the Den of Angels marketplace. :( Times are tough and honestly, I haven't been paying them as much attention as they deserve. Trying to thin out the collection a bit.

DoA thread: Feeler: Homme Ducan & Lahoo. FS: DOI A&D Head

It's been a while...

but he's been worn again. :D Dusted off Ducan and wore him out to Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn, NY this past Saturday. Needless to say, mother nature decided to be a bitch this weekend and dump incredibly hot and humid weather on top of us. My face was melting, half my makeup was gone halfway through the day and I felt like an utter mess all day. However, we got good pictures nevertheless. XD

Sakura Matsuri: Ducan 01 by =anda-chan on deviantART

There a few others over on DA. ^^

Other than that... nothing grand and exciting to update regarding life in general. Other than vacation plans in the works.... aiming to get back to Vegas in Sept (maybe hit up AnimeVegas), and then heading down to St Martin in the Caribbean in February. :D Cannot wait.
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Vegas/Death Valley Photo Dump

Finally sitting down to write a proper update, or something close to it. The last five days have been much of a blur, between a vegging weekend and a jet lagged couple of days of work. But as I had mentioned in an earlier post - instead of going to Katsucon this year (we had considered it), we headed out West to Las Vegas on Feb 13, and came back Wed Feb 17.

In short words - it was amazing. We had a spa suite at the Luxor and couldn't have asked for better. The strip was great as expected, dinner at the Okada (Japanese) Restaurant in the Wynn, caught a Cirque du Soleil show - Mystere at Treasure Island. We rented a '10 mustang convertible and basked in the 64 degree weather all five days. It was glorious.

On Tuesday, the day after we left, we got in the car and drove out to Death Valley, California. It was roughly a 375 mile round trip once everything was said and done. Done in one day and without a cellphone. I figured there wouldn't be much signal out there, but who knew my iPhone would die within 2 hours from searching for a signal. LOL So we drove around without any means of communication to the outside world with the exception of the ranch/visitor's center several miles away. We put it out of our minds and had a blast. Unfortunately the days are too short and we got a bit too late a start, so we only managed to hit up two big spots - Natural Bridge area and Badwater. Either way, we're going back, but what we did get to see was wicked. Out of another world. :D

Here are some more pics, all taken with the new Nikon. *_*

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More photos here on Photobucket

Cannot wait to go back. And we will. Likely in September for Labor Day week. ;)